What’s next on arrival

What next?

When you finished all the steps you needed to get the visa, you need to plan what are your next steps when you arrive in Canada. There are few things you need to do in the first week, like creating a bank account, and social security number. Also make sure to get a local cellphone number, which will make easier for you to get around.

Find a place to live

The bigger thing is to how to find accommodation. Some sites and organizations can help you with this step. Because you haven’t lived and worked before in Canada, this is going to be a little harder for you, because many landlords will ask for you to provide bank statements and references. But you just have to find someone more flexible and a landlord who will understand your situation.

Surround yourself with people

When you get here make sure to make friends and get around a town. This will help you to fit in the society easily, but also help you if you need something. Locals know everything there is to know about how the city works, and networking can also help you in your job hunt and professional development. Friend will also help you to feel good here, and to avoid homesickness. You can also join groups on the social network, which can give you advice where to hang out and mingle.

Explore the city and nature

Make sure to go sightseeing and just enjoy. Finding an apartment and job can be very stressful, so make time to enjoy your visit to Canada. There are so many beautiful and exiting things to see here, so make time to see most of them. This is also a good activity to make friends and find someone who has the same interest as you, which will make your time here go by. Visit iconic Niagara Falls, see CN Tower, go hiking or kayaking, the choice is up to. You can also rent a car and make a road trip to remember. All of this will help you to settle down and make you’re move less stressful.