Application guide for Working Travel Program

 When you finished all the previous steps, the next one is to fill out the application form. We accept the only online application. If you need any help with your application, here a guide on how to do so.

Download the online application

You can find the application on this website and download it. It is not so complicated to fill it in, and the first and most important thing you need to submit is work permit. You have to do this within the 15 working days, from starting the application process. The application form will request from you to give all personal information’s, and they must be true because they will throw a screening process. If you have given faulty information’s, you application is going to be denied and you will be banned from entering Canada in your future.

Collect documents that you need

When applying for this program, you will need to submit some documents, if you are willing to go from Australia to Canada on Working Holiday. You will need copies of documents, which you can scan, and then attach to your form. The most important thing is police certificates, which is a proof that you don’t have a criminal record. If you fail to do so, your application will be denied.You will also need to provide CV, which contains your work information like, where you went to school, do you have any work experience, where you previously worked, what are your skills, etc.Make sure also to submit a scan of your passport, which must be valid for at least two more years. Also deliver a recent picture of yourself, which most show only your head to the shoulders.

Pay all the fees that are required

Information about the fees will be given when you download the application form. You have a deadline of 15 working days to pay them. If your application is denied, or if you want to quit the process at any given time, the money will be given back to you, and paid to your credit card, within few weeks.