Work Permit

Find your dream job in Canada

When applying to Working Holiday Program, you must be aware what jobs are in demand in Canada. This will be very useful if you are not sure if this is the program for you. Canada is the state with so many different opportunities and every year is developing more and more, the industry is evolving, and for that reasons, it is easy to find a job here. But what jobs are most in demand?

What do you need to do before?

After you finally finished with the exhausting process of getting Working Holiday visa, you finally made it to Canada and settled down. But, you need to find a job now. Before you go on any job interviews, prepare yourself. The most important part of your job application is CV. Make sure that it is written well without grammatical errors. Specify all the previous jobs you had, and where you went to school. Good written CV can separate you from other candidates. Apply for jobs that you would like to work, and where you can see yourself working for this period that you are in Canada. If you want to change the job that you worked in Australia, it is possible; this is a great way to learn new skills.

Jobs in demand

When you made plans to work in Canada, you probably researched what are jobs in demand. Here is the list of most paying job right now. In the first place is Sales Representatives. This is not a surprise because the economy in Canada is on the rise, and there is so many new business and factory’s here. This job is very well paid, around 50 000 and 65 000$ in a year, for a starting position. Here you always have opportunities to evolve, and this can be a great job for building experience and learning new skills. The only downside is that you need at least three years of work experience.

You can also earn a lot of money if you are an accountant. Every business needs one, so if you are looking for something to spice up your everyday life, apply to this program and join one of the many successful business companies. Work conditions are very well, and Canadian businesses always take good care of their employees. Salaries vary from company to company, but you can earn around 60 000 to 76 000$ in a year.

General laborers are also very in demand here. There are so many different jobs to choose from in this area, you can work in a food factory, or you can find a job in sales. The choice is up to you. Here you work experience is more valuable, and education is not so needed, as it is in other jobs that we enlisted before. Working hour is paid very well, and it ranges from 16$ to 19$. This can be a good option if you have a work visa for a year or two, and also a good way to earn some money.