Reasons to choose Working Holiday Program in Canada

If you are planning to move from Australia to Canada for a job, you first need to apply to Working Holiday Program. They will approve visa which can last from one year to two. This program is great for everyone who wants to learn new things, get ahead at their job, and build experience. If you are planning to move to Canada, we suggest that you read these experiences of people who tried it.

Meet new people, learn new things

Canada is the country that has so much to offer, from the nicest people in the world to the beautiful nature that you hadn’t seen before. Jeff who is a 30-year-old man from Australia said: “There are so many things to experience here. If you are in doubt if this is a program for you, my opinion is to go for it; you will not regret it. I had a job as an English professor and worked at a school who teaches foreigners English. Besides working, I had so much free time to explore Canada. This is something that I will recommend everyone to do”!

Build working experience

Jenna who was a participant of this program four years ago said that this a great way to earn some money, but also to gain much-needed work experience. Canada is a country that is every year developing more and more, and for that reasons offers so many business opportunities. “When I got here, I was a bit worried how can I find a job so fast, but employers connected me the same week I got here! I worked here for two years and learned so much, which helped me when I came back to Australia.”

Enjoy the best food in your life

Harry and Robin came to Canada to work like layers, but the main reason the decided to apply to the program is for the experience itself. They were in love with the wild nature, but they said the food was the best part. “We have been to some Canadian restaurants before when we were traveling, but nothing can measure with the food that you try there. There are so many interesting dishes and so many good deserts. We tried not to gain weight, but that is impossible here.”

So many fun activities to try

Tom who has 27 years, was always in love with nature, and as he says, adrenaline junky. He went to Canada to work as a stuntman and took every chance he got to try different activities. “I never had so much fun in my life. Canada is such a beautiful state and never can get bored with me. I hope that I will have few more opportunities in my life to come back here. “If you love nature as Tom does, you can go kayaking or canoeing, or even river rafting. But if you will rather do something more peaceful, you can head to town and visit some of the best restaurants.